Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lemon-Thyme Penne, a yummy meal for one

Back in December, Ross was in Nashville visiting Austin for a week (hi, Austin!), and I was busy studying for finals. Having grown weary of grilled cheese sandwiches and drive-thru dinners, I decided to whip up something delicious for myself. A lemon I bought at the grocery store became my inspiration, and this delicious and super-fast meal was born!

I decided to take pictures while I was cooking with my trusty old camera, which has been with me through thick and thin. You can read about its near-death experience, if you'd like. Luckily, it decided to behave for me that day so I've got some lovely pictures for you!

Here's the team:

  • 4 ounces dry penne (or whatever other pasta you've got lying around)
  • a wedge of lemon
  • parmigiano reggiano (i do not authorize any substitutes; buy the real thing!)
  • olive oil (it's way in the back!)
  • pepper
  • kosher salt
  • and thyme.
Here's how you do it:

First, bring some water to a boil. When it's rolling, dump in a handful of kosher salt, like so:

I'm serious about the salt. I mean an actual handful, here.

Next, throw in your pasta and cook it according to the package directions. If you're organized and efficient, you can grate a few tablespoons of parmigiano while the pasta is cooking. If you're Leah, you twiddle your thumbs.

When the pasta is finished, drain it and put it into a single-serving size bowl.

Next, add yourself some pepper...

And give the lemon wedge a good squeeze over the bowl...

And add a little drizzle of olive oil (maybe a teaspoon)...

And a tiny pinch of thyme.

Then, grate a few tablespoons of parmigiano right on top:

Mix it all up and scarf it down! And hopefully, you can enjoy your meal for one in a more relaxing and inviting setting than this one:



  1. That looks tasty! Must try. And, I like re-reading the tale of the demise of the Powershot, even though the resurrection of the Powershot is a much more moving tale. I think the true blame of the fateful night of the camera beer bath lies in the power of the sexy pose, that Ross and I were trying to desperately to capture. Which makes those last two shots even funnier.

  2. Do I want to know any more of this story?

  3. Made this last night, and Oh My God was I mad that I only had two servings! Debated making ramen for the husband and taking his... kidding. But it was really tasty and simple!

  4. Lana, isn't it great?! And so disturbingly easy, too -- it's become a go-to meal for me. Glad I could share!