Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I started a diet a few days ago. It's awful.

True, I feel better already. True, I like it when my Wii Fit tells me my BMI is lower than yesterday.

But you know what? All I can think about is...


Dear Cookies,

I miss you dearly. Our swift and painful break-up has left a hole in my heart. And in my belly. It seems that hole cannot be filled with any amount of green beans or lean protein. I hope you'll find a way to forgive me. I need you in my life.



p.s. That photo up there was taken by yours truly. Name that movie: "Well, I'm votin' fer yours truly, too!"

1 comment:

  1. This is kind of a guess, but seems correct: O' Brother Where Art Thou?

    Why do you have to put up pictures of cookies?! (Very good photo, by the way.) They look so tasty! Stupid diet. Especially since for the last few days stupid Wii Fit has been telling me my BMI is increasing. And I've been eating well! I guess Christmas is catching up with me.

    P.S. Good work with these daily posts! I was planning on calling you last night, but alas, forgot. I'll try to call tonight, but call me if you don't hear from me!