Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Farewell, Canon PowerShot A85

It was due time. In my last post, I mentioned my old Canon PowerShot. It was a good camera for a long time. But then, it started taking pictures like this:

No, that's not my mad Photoshop skills you're seeing (ha!). That's just my camera's best effort. (If you can't tell, that's Ross under there.)

I admit that the sporadic functionality of the PowerShot was, in large part, my own fault. After its spontaneous and accidental plunge into a plastic cup filled with unknown (and unordered!) light beer, I thought the PowerShot had met its certain end. A few months later, I picked up the PowerShot and thought, "What the hay?" So I pushed the power button. I heard months-old dried-on crust go "crunch." And...I saw the screen light up! I have no idea how, but the PowerShot had been revived...sort of. It sometimes took OK pictures. It sometimes took blurry pictures. It sometimes took pictures like the one above. Nonetheless, I stuck with it. It was my trusty old PowerShot. And I'm poor.

But I really wanted a new camera! So, knowing it was only a dream, I put a shiny new digital camera on my Christmas wish list at Wishpot. And then, to my surprise, I got THIS for Christmas:

My in-laws are the bestest! Thanks J & B!

You can expect LOTS of pictures in future posts!


  1. Hooray!! I just got a fancy new camera too, but mine is a Canon. I decided that I had to have a good camera for our honeymoon trip to Yellowstone, because I NEED good pictures of bears. How are you liking the Nikon?

  2. We think you are the bestest too. Thanks for sharing the pics.