Sunday, January 24, 2010

kids these days!


WHAT ARE KIDS LISTENING TO THESE DAYS? (By kids, of course, I mean people my own age; I am old before my time. At least I know it.)

In an effort to become more "cool" and "in touch" with the popular culture, Ross and I have made the effort to listen to the radio more often. Know what we heard today? Lady Gaga. The song is called "Love Game."

I'll just let you Google the lyrics.

After hearing this song tonight and some song a few weeks ago called "Birthday Sex" (which really needs no explanation), I now declare, before God and the Internet, that no child of mine will ever be allowed to listen to the radio before the age of 37.

That is all!


  1. Okay, so I must admit that I have a guilty habit of liking Lady Gaga. She actually is a good pianist, and I think she has a unique persona...but I realize that her music is not the most sophisticated and not at all appropriate for children, esp. if they figure out the meaning. And that includes almost all of her radio hits.

    However, I do completely agree that Birthday Sex is the worst song ever...though I could probably say that about a lot of music on pop stations. I realized the other day that there's not one pop song sung by a male or male group that I can stand listening to these days. It's almost all hip hop/rap stuff with the subject of hot girls and sex. Lame.

  2. Ang, you are the second person I've heard from who says Lady Gaga is actually a good musician. So maybe there is something to her. I just wish she didn't sing about disco sticks. Awkward!!

    So...when Ross and I were driving around Tulsa, over by the TU area I saw two dudes driving around in an old beater Nissan truck blaring "Birthday Sex." I couldn't help thinking to myself: "Yeah right! I would bet money you're not getting any of that!"

    I'm stopping with that. My parents and in-laws read this blog. (Hey guys!)