Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tell me something bad about tulsa

I'll tell you something bad about Tulsa: Ross is moving there on Saturday!

It's not all bad news, though. Ross got a job! It was a totally random and serendipitous thing. In early March, we went to Tulsa one Friday to check out some potential housing options. We stopped at Whataburger when we got to town, and while we were eating, Ross got a phone call from a Tulsa number. Turns out it was the manager of Guitar Center who wanted to interview Ross for a full-time job. He went in a few hours later and got an offer the following week! Ross starts next Tuesday at his new job in pro audio sales! Hooray!

Only bad thing: Ross has to move Saturday, and I can't move until May. So, that's kind of a bummer. But I'm really glad he'll have something to do, and the money will be nice, too.

The Saturday Ross got his phone call was one of those days where everything just kind of fell into place. Ross got an interview. We found an apartment. I felt really great about our move to Tulsa. Hey, Big Guy Upstairs? Thanks.


  1. Let me tell you Tulsa is GREAT! All the perks of a big city...LOTS of live music, a Performing Arts Center that pulls in off broadway productions, quirky coffee shops everywhere, a real good mall, beautiful parks. AND you can still get across town in 20 minutes. And Kari and Angie are here.

  2. We LOVE Tulsa!! So happy for you guys--that's great news!

    And I can tell you first-hand that moving is a GREAT way to procrastinate anything law school related. :)

  3. Tulsa is also good because 22 years today, I was born there.

    Also, because you had to capitalize "The Saturday Ross" all in a row, I read it like The Saturday-Ross. You know, as opposed to the Weekday-Ross...or something. It was like Saturday Ross was a different kind, maybe a little more crazy!

  4. Dear Anonymous: Who are you again? I can't figure it out! I should know, though...right?

  5. I'm so happy for you!! It's great when things finally fall into place! It has been happening for me lately too! I am totally loving my new work environment (can't say job because I don't start until Monday)! Whoo-hoo for happiness!

  6. Yah for things working out! Sometimes you just need that, huh?

  7. In response to the blog title: Naveed, Race Riots.
    Isn't it great when things work out like that? I'm so happy everything is going great for your move, because I want you to stay here as long as I'm here! I can't wait for you guys to move!! I wish I were going to be around this weekend, cause I would totally help you move Ross' stuff. Plus, I wanna check out your new apartment! Until you move here, I'll randomly go to the apartment and ask Ross if you've moved to Tulsa yet, and then I'll just hang on the couch until he's forced to kick me out.