Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Warning: Extreme Cuteness Ahead

(Or "Extreme Cuteness Below," as it were.)

This past weekend, Ross and I went to his parents' house to help them pack up and move to a new place. Last week, we both received an email from Ross's mom. Subject: "Get Ready." The email read:

One of the nights you are home I want you to sit down with me and go through a bunch of memorablia and walk down memory lane and then we'll throw it away. This will help me get closure. It may take a while, so be prepared. I have already thrown a ton away, just so you know I won't make you look at all of it. Love, Mom

On Thursday night, the walk through memory lane began. I found out a lot about my husband that night. The thing that was most apparent to me was that Adult Ross didn't come out of nowhere. Adult Ross and Kid Ross have a lot of the same preferences, tastes, and hobbies. (OK, so Adult Ross doesn't draw pictures anymore, but everything else is pretty similar.) Check this out and you'll see what I mean:

This is Ross with a picture he drew of Garth Brooks, his favorite music superhero of all time. Ross still listens to and loves Garth.

For Christmas one year, Ross asked for, among other things, a guitar, some guitar picks, and a Davy Crockett costume. I'm pretty sure he has grown out of the Davy Crockett phase. Guitar? Not so much.

Ross drew guitars as a kid. I love it!

This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just thought it was really cute!

Here's to walking down memory lane and remembering what it's like to be a kid. For some of us, maybe it's not so different from being an adult!


  1. Ha! That picture of Garth Brooks is awesome! I'm very impressed by your drawing skills, Ross. Is R.C.W. in that last picture supposed to be Ross? Because it kind of looks like a cop. Or is that a pirate hat?

    If you look though my childhood drawings you will see thousands of pictures of bears. Bears in hats, bears in bows, bears in the forest, bears in a house. I've changed so much! Oh, wait...

  2. Okay...so I totally remember the Dacy Crocket obsessed, Garth Brooks loving, Ross! He was fun! (not that he isn't now)...and can I just point out (if my dad is reading this) that Steve's got my Aunt Brenda pegged to a T! Ask him about it...

  3. Kid Ross had some pretty good taste in music. Garth is the man.