Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Truth: I don't really understand Lent. I grew up Baptist. Baptists are pretty ignorant of all things liturgical. Growing up, Lent was "that thing my Catholic friends did." Here's what I know about it:

  • You give something up from Ash Wednesday to Easter
  • You probably do this to focus on God or something
That's it! Atrocious, I know. But, in an effort to focus on God (or something), I'm on a Facebook fast until Easter. Just wanted to let you guys know. I may use my extra time to learn more about Lent...


  1. Totally unrelated...don't worry, I won't let you help me cheat on my diet. I'm committed to it at this point, I've already put in a week and a half on it so I'm not ditching it now!

    I'm just going to get creative on places we go out to eat at and what I order there :) There's a couple good local spots we can go to where I can find food in line with my diet...thank God.

  2. Ha so should I redirect messages to your inbox? :)

  3. Yes, please! Or the blog -- that works, too.

  4. (Arguably) related story:

    It's the Spring of my senior year in college, and one of the student organizations is having a cookout. So I sit down across the table from a couple of Jewish girls I know, and I notice one of them has a plate that is empty except for a hamburger patty and, stacked on top of that, pickles and lettuce. I go, "Oh! are you on Atkins?" She gives me a *withering* look and says, "It's Passover."

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  6. Ooooh...what did Alicia say!? I'm dying to know, since it was removed by "blog administrator"! Anyway, I was going to message you on facebook for your address, but decided to email you instead, and I'm glad I did!

    In middle school, my Catholic friend had the ash on forehead on Ash Wednesday, and another friend ran up to her, brushed it off, and said, "you have something gross on your forehead!" ha!

  7. Haha, Alicia is my friend from law school, and she left her email address in her comment. I just didn't want her to get spammed. My old blog has been getting comments from spammers about money-making opportunities and prescription drugs! I didn't want anyone to start getting emailed about them, too. Annoying!!

    I love everyone's Lent/Passover stories -- I'm glad it's not just me!