Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ross, The Stay-At-Home Husband

Leah started school yesterday, and in a lot of ways I feel kind of like a loser. I have no job, so I've pretty much been a stay-at-home husband for the past couple of days. That's not to say that I'm bumming around; there's definitely a lot to do around here. Every day I get a nice list of stuff to do from the wife, and we have so much stuff between the two of us that finding room for it all is quite the challenge.

Some things that I've realized about staying at home:

  1. I don't get to sleep in. I still get up when Leah does, which is way too early for any normal person
  2. I don't talk nearly as much - there's no one to talk to! I bet I didn't say 5 words yesterday between 7:30 and 4
  3. I still am not productive enough to do everything that I would like to do, like practice, read, and listen to sermons
  4. There's nothing on TV during the day, especially if you only have basic cable (we're poor)
  5. Spouses who actually do stay at home deserve way more respect than they get - this is hard!!
As much fun as staying home sounds, I'd much rather have a job. I never thought I'd say that, but I actually like working. Next week will probably be the beginning of the job search, so pray that I find something that is a good fit. We've got enough money saved up to probably ride out a few months if need be, so in some ways I can be slightly picky on the job front. On the other hand, with the economy being like it is, I may be lucky to find anything at all. If you hear of anything good, drop me a line. The comment section would be a perfect place to do that :-)


  1. I can relate...I did the stay-at-home-husband thing for a few months last year. It's a bit demoralizing, especially when you can't find a job for your life (as was the case for me). Don't be picky on the job front...I was at first, and couldn't get a thing. Shoot, I couldn't even get anything when I WASN'T picky. I'd just drive up and down College if I was you and apply anywhere and everywhere that you can. Not fun, but job hunting never is. Good luck buddy...I'll be praying for ya.

  2. Good luck with the job hunt! Though it may be hard to do, enjoy staying at home while it lasts, because you'll be saying the reverse once you find a job. :) I guess that's how it goes though.