Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ross ate a TOMATO!

We're on day six of our honeymoon, and things are going great here in Arizona. Of course, there are many highlights from our trip, and many of those will get their own blog posts in the coming days. Of interest are our trip to the Grand Canyon, the sights of Sedona, and a hilarious food vendor at a baseball game. But the topic of today's post is how much my husband loves me and what he does to show it.

Ross has never been a fan of tomatoes. We went to the local Carrabba's a few nights ago, and atop his salad were, of course, sliced tomatoes. He said something about having to pick the tomatoes off, and I said, "Or you could just eat them."

To my surprise, HE DID IT! And I have photographic evidence!

I can't figure out how to draw arrows and add text in iPhoto (help, anyone?), but if you look closely, you'll see a tomato on that fork! The crazy thing was what Ross said after he ate the tomato: "Oh, that's not so bad. It's kinda good, actually."

And then my heart melted. Two loves of my life are no longer enemies. I'm pretty sure I even did a little happy dance in the booth.

We hope everything's going well for everyone in Arkansas! See you soon.


  1. Very stoked that you guys are having a great time in AZ! Wedding was awesome, and Danielle and I were both honored that you had us play parts in the event. We're looking forward to an upcoming (in Ross's words) "Ward/Barron Extravaganza", we'll figure out a date/time and make it happen.

    I'd write more, but Austin's crashing here tonight on his way back to NWA and we're out of TP. That's what happens when you get back from vaykay without having made a trip to the store. Go fig.

  2. Thanks for converting Ross from the dark side. Now we need to work on Steve

  3. It will never happen. No tomato's for me.

  4. I'm so proud of you Ross!!! :) Hope you guys are had a blast!

  5. Seriously, I just wrote "hope you guys are had a blast!" I even approved it. Ugh. I meant, "hope you guys had a blast!"

  6. Your page needs more updates. Update!