Sunday, January 23, 2011

WINNER: who is the target market for this product?

We had four fabulous entries to last week's contest. Here were the entries:

Sarah's top pick was the Good Luck Money Ring.  (Slogan: A ring that actually attracts money!)  It's layered in 24-karat gold elegance! Oh yeah, and one size fits all.

Heather's entry was the Hide & Seek Doll, a creepy Chucky-style doll meant to trick people into thinking you've got extremely quiet, very still munchkin children counting off a game of hide and seek in your corner. They're guaranteed to bring smiles to all they meet!

Breanne gave us this gem: the Jacquard Caftan, which appears to be some sort of wearing apparel. Or perhaps it's a tablecloth or a window treatment; I'm not entirely sure. In any event, it's purported to be figure-flattering and is "perfect for wearing while entertaining guests or simply lounging around the house." And a bonus: It fits sizes 6-24!

Finally, Angela presented us with the Neck Genie Elite. This scientific marvel of a product will help you look years younger in just minutes a day. It appears to be some type of neck exercise apparatus that will rid you of your double chins and neck folds. Also, it comes with an "elegant storage bag." I don't know about you guys, but I'm sold!

I thought about these entries all weekend, and it was very tough to pick a winner. In the end, though, I have to go with the Good Luck Money Ring. Why? Because it's the stupidest product of the entire group. It has literally no function other than to be ridiculous. The Hide & Seek Doll could probably double as a small scare crow. The Jacquard Caftan, while hideous, actually does function to cover up the necessary body parts (and then some!). And while I'm sure the Neck Genie Elite won't actually make my double chin go away, I bet it actually does exercise some of the muscles in that region. The Good Luck Money Ring, though? There's no way it actually attracts money, and it's ugly as sin. There's nothing else you can do with it that's worthwhile. 

Thus...I declare Sarah the winner! Congratulations, Sarah. As first-prize winner, I've decided it's only appropriate to give you the product you picked out! Get ready; very soon, you will be the proud owner of a Good Luck Money Ring! (And a $10 Sonic gift card, just for being a good sport.)

Honorable mention goes to Breanne for the Jacquard Caftan, mostly because I know the meaning of neither jacquard nor caftan. (My best guess is that jacquard means "ugly" and caftan means "tent.") In addition, this product purports to make you look thinner, but it breaks every fashion rule in the book. It's a giant, loud-colored, patterned blanket, and you want me to believe it's figure-flattering? Ha! Congratulations, Breanne. I'm not going to send you a Jacquard Caftan, but I will send you a $10 gift card to the restaurant or retailer of your choice (provided there's a location in Tulsa).

Sarah, Breanne: email your addresses to me at march4th {at} gmail {dot} com to claim your prize!

Heather, Angie: better luck next time. And yes, there will be a next time!


  1. YAH! You should totally make this a regular spot on your blog. It's brilliant.

  2. Good work Sarah and Breanne! This contest was awesome, though I am sad that I didn't win! :)