Wednesday, January 26, 2011

an email exchange

My mom knows me like only a mother can know her child. To illustrate, here is our email exchange from earlier today.

Mom wrote:
Subject: belated greeting 
I just realized today that this past Sunday was National Pie Day. Knowing how much you love pie (various kinds), I wanted to apologize for letting such an important holiday go by without acknowledging it. If you were here or I was there, I'd make you a pie for sure!

I replied:
Thank you so much for the belated greeting.  I, too, failed to realize this momentous holiday in a timely fashion. Therefore, I have decided to celebrate it at a later date to be determined -- perhaps this Saturday.
Allow me to take this opportunity, however, to acknowledge another day of note. According to my Food Network desk calendar, today is National Pistachio Day. Additionally, this holiday is of lesser consequence than National Pie Day, but it should be acknowledged and observed nonetheless.
Finally, please mark your calendar for yet another significant day. In addition to being my birthday, March 4th is National Pound Cake Day. The stars must have aligned on the day of my birth, as this could not have been a coincidence. No; it must have been God pre-ordaining my undying love of cake. Please begin your fervent preparations for this Double Holiday with haste, as we have much to celebrate. Cake, of course, will be a necessity on this wondrous occasion. Out of reverence, perhaps we should contemplate making a cake of the pound variety.

Ah, my mother. She knows me too well.

Hey mom, pass the pie, would ya?

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