Monday, November 22, 2010

where have i been?

WORKING, that's where!

Seriously, though -- sorry for the lack of updates. Know what I need? BLOGGER FOR IPHONE. Google, I know you and Apple don't get along, but I sure wish you would get over your differences if only for the one purpose of giving the good bloggers of the world an iPhone app from which to quickly blog. If not, I might have move this blog to wordpress or tumblr, which would surely break my little heart.  (Tumblr is neat, though...)

I have some serious baking planned in the coming weeks, including a mass-production of pumpkin bread (or cake, as my mother insists), a pumpkin pie, and homemade marshmallows. I guess making marshmallows isn't so much baking as it is candy, we're gonna be making some candy 'round these parts, too. I'll do my bestest to take a few pictures of the process or at least post the recipes and a review!

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  1. Thanks for updating! It just so happened that you updated on a week in which I was extremely busy/sick at work on Monday (took a half day sick day) and sick/busy at work on Tuesday, so I didn't get a chance to look at your blog! But now I am at home in Edmond and have the internet for a brief, sweet time. So, I really hope your mass production of pumpkin cake is so you can gift all your Tulsa friends with a loaf!(BTW, I agree with your mom, though it sounds much healthier if you call it bread, "I'll have another slice of pumpkin bread with my dinner before I have some chocolate cake for dessert!") I also really need to hear all about that marshmallow making!!