Thursday, October 1, 2009

Married Life

Angie left a comment and demanded an update on married life, so...I'll tell you! Married life is great. Ross thinks so, too. We both made lists: the top five things about being married. (Don't worry; it's rated PG. And it's in no particular order.)

Ross's Top Five Things About Married Life
1) Yummy dinner all the time.
2) I get to see Leah all the time.
3) More time for Wii.
4) More time for reading.
5) She's willing to let me buy gear. Hooray!

Leah's Top Five Things About Married Life
1) The "husband taxi," which frequently drops me off at and picks me up from school. It's way better than the bus. (Ross calls himself "Ross the Butler." He calls me "Master Bruce.")
2) Making a "honey do" list in the morning and coming home to find that it's been completed. (Also part of Ross the Butler's duties.)
3) Not having to go to separate houses when it's time to go to bed.
4) Not eating dinner by myself.
5) Being told I'm pretty even though I wear yoga pants 65% of the time.

And topping both of our lists of challenging things about marriage: learning first-hand how different boys and girls really are!

More posts to come. We have wedding pictures. Photo stories will be told.


  1. Wasn't real good at those honey-do lists when Danielle and I were in your boat last year. I tended to get up really late, look at the list, and decide I was going back to sleep. Much to the ire of my hard-working wife.

  2. Thanks for posting! The husband taxi sounds like a great perk, as well as the yummy dinners. Looking forward to the photo stories!