Sunday, July 26, 2009

it's a family affair

So, I've successfully convinced Ross that (a) blogging is cool, and (b) he needs to start doing it. In the spirit of becoming a family (two more weeks!!), we decided to make a team effort of it. Thus, the Ward Family Blog was born! Until further notice, the family blog will be located at

We do have some RULES around here. If you're gonna read the blog, you must follow the rules!

Rule #1: Always Leave Comments. Otherwise, we'll feel pretty alone in the blogosphere. It's a lot like going all the way out to your mailbox every day only to find that there's nothing in it. We need affirmation! A phone call to tell us you liked it is not an acceptable substitute!

Rule #2: Tell friends and family about this blog. A blog is only worth it if people we don't talk to regularly will read it.

Rule #3: Encourage us to post entries whenever you see us. We like to procrastinate. And also, we like affirmation (see Rule #1).

Rule #4: If you're a blogger or you use a reader, follow this blog or add our feed to your reader. We're vain; we like you to be notified about whatever we say.

I'm excited about this blog! Hopefully it can help family and friends keep up with us, get to know each other better, share ideas & advice, etc.

Regular posting will begin after the wedding on August 8. We may do a few posts from our honeymoon, but we're not making any promises. In the mean time, bookmark us, follow us, add us to your reader, and get ready to post those comments! Thanks for reading. Much love & God bless!


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait for the wedding!

  2. I'm doing my obligated duty of commenting! I'm excited to see more about your crazy life together, and I hope it involves lots of cake. I also can't wait until the wedding!

  3. Since my entire life involves cake, there's a 90% chance that I will regularly talk about cake on this blog.


    Have I mentioned that I'm ready for the wedding so I can eat cake?

  4. Ok, so I will definitely affirm you with lots of comments and such to make you feel as though you are both insanely loved (and make you look cool to all your other friends who expect to come here and find TONS of comments from people other than themselves).

    But only if you do the same for me! I need lots of comments as well in order to relieve my occasional feelings of internet inferiority and to justify my myriad rants and ravings in the eyes of others.

    And I need to look cool because, let's face it...I don't most of the time.

    We're jazzed about coming up to the sprawling metropolis of Mountain Home and celebrating your upcoming nuptials. And about doing it in the new convertible we bought Danielle. Because friends + weddings + convertibles + driving down to the beach afterwards = win.

    Anyways, until Keith Urban reunites us very soon, Ross I say to you...rock hard and often.

    Adam M. Barron Esq.